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New website

Welcome to my NEW office website!  I am very proud of the “facelift” I have performed on the site.  There are lots of new features, such as a better photo gallery (with larger and clearer pre and post operative pictures), a blog space (such as I am using right now) for keeping my patients up to date, and a “billboard” (this is the only advertising you will ever see me do!) on every page to graphically display and substantiate all information on the site.  I am passionate about patient education and determined that all “claims” should be supported with facts!

Please wander around the site and give me your feed back…I want to make the best in the West.

Take care and look forward to regular posts on this Blog Spot from both myself and my staff!

Happy Holidays to you and yours.

Lorne K. Rosenfield M.D.

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