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Truth in Advertising

As the holidays fast approach us, I thought this would be a good moment to bring some “truth in advertising” to the world of injectables.  As you know Botox and fillers such as Juvederm are by far the most commonly injected products worldwide.  And why is that?  Because they do what they say they are supposed to do:  they make you look younger!  However, there’s another reason why there are so many injections:  because there are so many injectors!  And why is that?  Because it is ostensibly so easy to do.  And unfortunately what often follows is an inordinate number of injectable complications:  dropped brows and eyelids, over and under correction and infection and skin injury.  The overarching message is that these injections are still medical treatments, which demand, just like any cosmetic surgery, fastidious sterility, broad anatomical knowledge, technical expertise and discriminating aesthetic judgement.

    What does all this mean to you?  These types of treatments, should only, in my opinion, take place in a medical facility with strict guidelines and protocols:  NOT at a mall, a storefront spa, a living room Botox party!   Facial injections are not like flu shots at any Walgreen’s!   And these injectable medications are not like gasoline: a commodity to be found at the cheapest price.  So procedures’ prices should not be “too good to be true!”:  hiding behind Groupon deals, time-dated specials or pressured upselling.   Bottom line:  Buyer Beware!

    Here at Peninsula Plastic Surgery Inc. I am proud of the higher standards of safety and results we strive to achieve every day.   One of the most important ways in which I insure that the best possible treatment is achieved is also one of the most distinguishing in the field:  I offer treatment of an area of concern rather than treatment with a predetermined number of units or syringes.  And I offer, whenever appropriate, a complementary “boost” dose of the injectable during the treatment cycle.  This insures that you will always be treated “just right”:  as with my surgeries, not too much, not too little!   As a bonus, this approach will often sustain the injectable’s correction longer, saving the patient a treatment or two over a year’s time.  And of course with each and every visit we will have the “value-added” benefit of reviewing our anti-aging vision together.

    And as for “specials”, instead of the usual “expiring-while supplies lasts” deals, my office offers a consistent “thank you” to all our patients with the gift of a complementary injectable treatment with every major cosmetic surgery performed or aesthetician skin treatment series planned.  And our most loyal patients receive complementary treatments when they introduce the office to their friends and family!

Hopefully this information empowers you to make the best choices when considering these treatments.  Please contact me personally if you have any questions and we truly look forward to seeing you in the future.

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