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World Renowned!

Whenever, Dr. Rosenfield sees the words “world renowned” beside his name on a symposium brochure, he always sends a copy to his four kids to remind them that their father may just know a thing or two!

Indeed, Dr. Rosenfield has been very busy the last few months:  Beside his regular surgical schedule, he has been traveling all over the world lecturing!  Over the last year, Dr. Rosenfield has seen several of his clinical projects come to fruition and have returned some very gratifying renown to his practice:  namely, as the first plastic surgeon to use Google Glass to stream his surgeries for teaching purposes and the author of the first publication on the topic in the medical literature, as a leading author in the publication of his innovative facelift technique (The Pinch Rhytidoplasty), as an every growing resource for his colleagues on the topics of eyelid rejuvenation surgery (The Pinch Blepharoplasty) and body contouring (The Comprehensive Abdominoplasty), and as a stalwart thought leader for the value and implementation of a pilot-type surgical checklist for the prevention of errors, he has been actively sharing his experience with colleagues and students alike: Dr. Rosenfield was a faculty member for a national plastic surgery meeting in Washington, D.C, was honored as the keynote speaker for the Los Angeles Plastic Surgical Society last September, was invited as an international guest (one of only 3 American plastic surgeons) at the premiere meeting in London, England just last month, was recently chosen to be one of a handful of travelling visiting professors for the American Society of Aesthetic Surgery for the next 2 years.  Needless to say, as much as he enjoys sharing his knowledge and expertise with his colleagues, Dr. Rosenfield loves nothing more than to sit down with his own patients and plan their personal transformation!

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