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See what patients are saying about Dr. Rosenfield!

“World-Class! Not only is Dr. Rosenfield an amazing plastic surgeon, but he is one of those rare people you come across that make you feel at ease. From being greeted by Gala, the office manager, to meeting with the Patient Coordinator, Claudette, you just feel welcomed and relaxed. Although he is extremely busy, he makes time for his patients and is very good about establishing trust. Most importantly, Dr. Rosenfield is THE BEST at what he does and is humble about it: His awards on the wall show it, but his passion and know-all makes you feel it.
Ever since I can remember, I’ve wanted breast implants …I was 28 years old, almost 6 ft. tall, and had an A-cup, with C+ dreams. My friend had met with Dr. Rosenfield a year after she had her breasts done, to get a second opinion. Come to find out, my friends doctor was Dr. Rosenfield’s student. My friend knew that I badly wanted implants and spoke very highly of Dr. Rosenfield, not only with his credentials, but the knowledge and thoughtfulness that he possessed. I had met with 4 different surgeons in the Bay Area, before meeting with Dr. Rosenfield; Typically, a consultation lasts about 20 minutes, 30 if you are lucky, but this all changed when I met with Dr. Rosenfield.  After 2 hours together, I decided that I found my surgeon. 
The surgery: After having a brief meeting with Dr. Rosenfield, a week before my surgery, we discussed size. I thought it would be a good idea for my husband to come with me so that we could understand the procedure, recovery, and most important discuss the size. Unfortunately, I have something called an S-slope breast, which makes it hard to go too big without my nipple going in another direction. Dr. Rosenfield told me that he wasn’t sure what the final size will be, but he puts in a few sizers during the surgery and goes with the one that looks most natural and is in the C-D range, which is something that I wanted. I read in an article that a plastic surgeon should never be able to tell you what size they will be, since there is no way of telling (the other 4 doctors that I spoke to told me the size and the cc they would use, which is crazy!) My husband questioned a C, but I had to explain to him that a Victoria Secret C is much different from a plastic surgery C…  
Finally, the day of my surgery has arrived: Something that I have been waiting over a decade for! I was a tid-bit anxious when I arrived, but my nerves settled and was drifted to sleep by the kindest anesthesiologist, Nurse Sandy, and Dr. Tara. When I awoke, I was taken to Ruthy’s home (Under the Greenwood Tree) where I stayed and rehabilitated for 24 hours. During that time, Dr. Rosenfield came by the evening of my surgery and the next morning (he goes above and beyond). I HIGHLY suggest staying with Ruthy- she is amazing at what she does and eases you into the recovery process. 
The Recovery: The stitches came out in a week and I didn’t experience any bruising or discomfort. I am very active and the only thing that made me nervous was the thought of not being able to work-out. Although I felt great just a few days after my surgery, after two weeks of taking it easy, I was able to start doing Barre classes (minus the arms). It has almost been a month, since my surgery, and my nipples have fully healed and I feel back to normal- the incision was through the nipple and I cannot tell you how happy I am that I took Dr. Rosenfield’s suggestion. The best piece of advice that I can tell you is to just listen to what Dr. Rosenfield tells you! I couldn’t have been happier with the results and am so thankful to be Dr. Rosenfield’s patient!” -K.J.

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