Read what they say about Dr. Rosenfield Written Testimonials



“World-Class! Not only is Dr. Rosenfield an amazing plastic surgeon, but he is one of those rare people you come across that make you feel at ease. From being greeted by Gala, the office manager, to meeting with the Patient Coordinator, Claudette, you just feel welcomed and relaxed. Although he is extremely busy, he makes time for his patients and is very good about establishing trust. Most importantly, Dr. Rosenfield is THE BEST at what he does and is humble about it: His awards on the wall show it, but his passion and know-all makes you feel it.
Ever since I can remember, I’ve wanted breast implants …I was 28 years old, almost 6 ft. tall, and had an A-cup, with C+ dreams. My friend had met with Dr. Rosenfield a year after she had her breasts done, to get a second opinion. Come to find out, my friends doctor was Dr. Rosenfield’s student. My friend knew that I badly wanted implants and spoke very highly of Dr. Rosenfield, not only with his credentials, but the knowledge and thoughtfulness that he possessed. I had met with 4 different surgeons in the Bay Area, before meeting with Dr. Rosenfield; Typically, a consultation lasts about 20 minutes, 30 if you are lucky, but this all changed when I met with Dr. Rosenfield.  After 2 hours together, I decided that I found my surgeon. 
The surgery: After having a brief meeting with Dr. Rosenfield, a week before my surgery, we discussed size. I thought it would be a good idea for my husband to come with me so that we could understand the procedure, recovery, and most important discuss the size. Unfortunately, I have something called an S-slope breast, which makes it hard to go too big without my nipple going in another direction. Dr. Rosenfield told me that he wasn’t sure what the final size will be, but he puts in a few sizers during the surgery and goes with the one that looks most natural and is in the C-D range, which is something that I wanted. I read in an article that a plastic surgeon should never be able to tell you what size they will be, since there is no way of telling (the other 4 doctors that I spoke to told me the size and the cc they would use, which is crazy!) My husband questioned a C, but I had to explain to him that a Victoria Secret C is much different from a plastic surgery C…  
Finally, the day of my surgery has arrived: Something that I have been waiting over a decade for! I was a tid-bit anxious when I arrived, but my nerves settled and was drifted to sleep by the kindest anesthesiologist, Nurse Sandy, and Dr. Tara. When I awoke, I was taken to Ruthy’s home (Under the Greenwood Tree) where I stayed and rehabilitated for 24 hours. During that time, Dr. Rosenfield came by the evening of my surgery and the next morning (he goes above and beyond). I HIGHLY suggest staying with Ruthy- she is amazing at what she does and eases you into the recovery process. 
The Recovery: The stitches came out in a week and I didn’t experience any bruising or discomfort. I am very active and the only thing that made me nervous was the thought of not being able to work-out. Although I felt great just a few days after my surgery, after two weeks of taking it easy, I was able to start doing Barre classes (minus the arms). It has almost been a month, since my surgery, and my nipples have fully healed and I feel back to normal- the incision was through the nipple and I cannot tell you how happy I am that I took Dr. Rosenfield’s suggestion. The best piece of advice that I can tell you is to just listen to what Dr. Rosenfield tells you! I couldn’t have been happier with the results and am so thankful to be Dr. Rosenfield’s patient!” -K.J.


“If you are looking to have cosmetic surgery done, look no further. I went to Dr. Rosenfield for the first time 12 years ago for a breast augmentation because my breasts had lost shape after breast feeding. Since this first procedure, I have had an eye lid surgery, lipo on my tummy, a breast lift (should have done that from the start, my mistake for putting it off), and most recently a face and neck lift. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Dr. Rosenfield and his practice. He is an amazing doctor and I feel so very lucky that he was recommended to me so many years ago. All the procedures he has performed on me have resulted in wonderful results with no trace of anything having “been done” to my body. Nobody can tell. I just look ten years younger. “ – B.C. 

“Dr. R is also a wonderful physician in that he takes time to listen and talk to you in detail about any concerns you may have and explains everything very clearly. He never tries to convince you to do anything, but provides expert advice on what it is you yourself would like to enhance. It is no coincidence that he has been awarded so many Patient Choice Awards and that he is on the board of so many faculties. To add to this, his staff is so warm and very experienced. Silvia who provides skin care at his practice is amazing too. I have gone to her for peals for many years and it has done wonders to keep my skin look fresh and diminish some scars I had from acne.” -


“I chose Dr Rosenfield for two reasons…one was my confidence in his abilities as a plastic surgeon versus having a dermatologist who did cosmetic surgery; to my knowledge, the approach and skill is different. Secondly, I believe in an “artistic eye”…that is having a surgeon who has the instinct to know how to bring out the best of my features without looking like I’ve had plastic surgery. Dr. Rosenfield, being a dedicated and avid photographer, has that skill.  I don’t personally think this is something that can be learned….you either have it or you don’t.” -C.L.

Dr Rosenfield’s office is outstanding in its dedication to service and supporting the patient.  Like him, everyone is warm and positive while maintaining a very professional demeanor. The pre/post Ops care was exemplary, I had 24/7 nursing care covering the first night by Ruthy through “Under the Greenwood Tree”; it  was key to my rapid recovery and cannot be underestimated!

It was impressive that Dr Rosenfield visited me the evening of my surgery and the following morning AND yet again 2 days later. As a result of this attention to detail, my bruising was minimal and I didn’t feel the need for any medication for pain! I had the best experience possible and would not hesitate to recommend Dr Rosenfield and his staff because I know you’ll receive the best care possible and results will be wonderful!


“I recently had both my upper and lower eyes done and have had an exceptional experience from my first consultation to the final result.  Everyone in Dr. Rosenfield’s office was wonderful to work with.  Dr Rosenfield answered all my questions before and after my surgery and always made me feel safe and comfortable during every step of the way!
I would absolutely consider using Dr. Rosenfield in the future.” - L.A.


“37 years old, have always had very slight puffiness under my eyes that made me look tired. After trying all the eye creams on the planet as well as at home lasers, and salon eye treatments, I decided the blepharoplasty was the way to go. I checked out two doctors that seemed good; the first suggested a laser transconjunctival incision in addition to Fraxel to tighten up the loose skin at the

 same time, cost about $4400, and the second suggested doing the pinch blepharoplasty, leaving a scar underneath the eye but rolling up the loose skin. The second was much closer to home, so it would be less trouble to arrange pickup and ride, as well as any followup visits.

It has been a month since the surgery and so far everything has gone well. My doctor’s practice is extremely thorough so everything has been well thought out. The day of surgery I was really out of it so thank goodness for family to take care of me, but I didn’t need any of the extra prescription meds (cost was $88 for those). I got in in the morning and got home early afternoon, but was pretty sleepy until evening. Not much pain but some discomfort from the sedations, and I threw up the little bit of food I had in the evening.

I had stitches under my eyes and on the corners, and the scars there are still red and bright without makeup 4 weeks later. Bruises lasted 3 weeks but were coverable with makeup after 1 week. Honestly the first week it looked really terrible, and as I am not advertising my procedure, it was hard to go out without sunglasses.

Included with the surgery were two followup hour long sessions of lymphatic massage for the swelling the week after, as well as a facial 3 weeks later. The facialist also met with me 7 days after and gave me camouflage makeup for the bruises. I am hopeful that the scars will lessen with time. The undereye area does look great though, and in general I look how I wanted to, with makeup on.”

“I chose Dr. Rosenfield for two reasons…one was my confidence in his abilities as a plastic surgeon versus having a dermatologist who did cosmetic surgery; to my knowledge, the approach and skill is different. Secondly, I believed in an artistic eye and having a surgeon who has the instinct to know how to bring out the best of my features without looking like I’ve had plastic surgery is key. Dr. Rosenfield, being a dedicated photographer, has that skill; I don’t personally think that is something that can be learned….you either have it or you don’t.

 Dr. Rosenfield’s office is outstanding in its dedication to service and supporting the patient.  Like him, everyone is warm and positive while maintaining a very professional demeanor. The pre/post Ops care was exemplary, I had 24/7 nursing care covering the first night by Ruthy through “Under the Greenwood Tree”; it was key to my rapid recovery and cannot be underestimated! It was impressive that Dr. Rosenfield visited me that evening, the following morning and yet again 2 days later. As a result, my bruising was minimal and 2 days later, I didn’t feel the need for any medication. I had the best experience possible and would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Rosenfield and his office because I know you’ll receive the best care possible and results will be wonderful!” -C.L.

“The moment I walked into Dr. Rosenfield’s office I was impressed. Mindy the receptionist is a very positive upbeat person, she is so sweet. Then meeting Dr. Rosenfield, I just knew I wanted to go with him. He is the sweetest most caring person, he is very honest, and warm. Not to mention his work is amazing and speaks for itself. He is all about giving a natural look. I had him do both my breast and nose and couldn’t be happier. And I experienced minimal swelling and the pain!” -L.M.

“I went to Dr. Rosenfeld to remove excess skin from my abdomen after loosing 130 lbs. Dr. Rosenfeld knew exactly how to approach the surgery to maximize the effect of what I wanted. He took the time to get to know me and understand my needs. He explained the process from start to finish and answered all my questions and concerns. After the surgery he was vigilant in seeing that my recovery went smoothly. The outcome of the surgery was magnificent!!!!  I am now able to see the results of my labor of weight loss and getting fit. The results far exceeded my expectations. He helped me to achieve my goal!!! His staff is also warm, friendly and very caring and supportive!!! I always feel comfortable and taken care of. I highly recommend Dr. Rosenfeld-I am telling everyone!!!” -E.A.

“Dr. Rosenfield is a terrific surgeon who is caring and skilled.  I had a major elective procedure that revealed the results I was seeking within a week after surgery.  He has an excellent support staff and welcoming office.  There is a completely accredited surgery center next to his office avoiding the need to be in the hospital.   If one is seeking the top plastic surgeon on the northern peninsula, look no further.” -S.J.

“I was born with a cleft palate in the early 80′s, at the time plastic surgery was not like it is today. I grew up sad and depressed with an uneven nose and an incomplete upper lip. I felt very ugly. there was a time when one of my sisters said she felt ugly, and when I told her to imagine having a cleft palate like me, she said she would kill herself. my appearance affected my schooling and behavior. Dr.Rosenfield has been an angel sent directly from god. he’s fixed my nose which was getting really bad, it had been affecting my breathing, he’s still currently working on my lip and I have the most confidence that he will complete it. He is the nicest man I know and thanks to him I have a new look/life. also he has promised to help me for no cost what so ever, and all the other surgeons I talked to where asking for $50,000. A price that I nor my family could  afford. Dr.Rosenfield taught me that god knows what we want and we do not need to pray and ask for it he just gives it. He has restored me completely in and out and I will love him for this forever. Thank you very much Dr.Rosenfield. Thank you.” – R.S.

To Whom It May Concern:

“I feel very fortunate to have had Dr. Lorne Rosenfield recommended to me by a friend about 20 years ago.  At that time I had developed a bony nodule in the middle of my forehead.  I had consulted another plastic surgeon who told me he would have to cut and peel back the skin on my forehead in order to correct it.  That seemed awfully drastic to me and I sought a second opinion from Dr. Rosenfield.  He told me he would make a small incision in my forehead, go into that and correct my unsightly “bump”.  I learned subsequently that it was necessary to chisel it away as it was very hard, and then file it smooth.  I believe he closed the incision with two stitches.  My problem was over quickly, totally corrected, and left no scar.  Since that time Dr. Rosenfield has been the plastic surgeon I have turned to whenever I felt the need for any maintenance or anti-aging improvement.  I have had no hesitation in recommending him to my friends, and those who have had work done by him have been extremely happy.  Patient safety is optimal throughout his entire operation and the staff who work with him are competent, caring, concerned, and it is always obvious that your needs are their priority.  And I think we all know that this attitude starts at the top.  On one occasion some long-time friends who live in Toronto, Canada flew here on my recommendation – she for a CO2 laser treatment and he for a lower facelift.  One heals very quickly because of cutting-edge advances that Dr. Rosenfield brings to his practice, like lymphatic massage, healing supplements, etc., so about a week to ten days after their procedures, they were able to be out and about and enjoy some vacation time in our beautiful area. 

 Recently I shared with a friend that I was considering some plastic surgery and she asked who I would use as she was considering the same thing.  Without hesitation and with great confidence, I told her.  Several days later she brought to my attention that there were some derogatory comments about Dr. Rosenfield on YELP.  I had not bothered to check anything at all because I had first-hand experience that I could not be in better hands.  A sidebar:  On one occasion after a procedure I developed an allergic skin react to an ointment and on consultation, Dr. Rosenfield arranged for an immediate second opinion from a dermatologist on the floor below his office –  at his expense!   I was mystified as I read three negative assessments, all dating back to 2008, written in a similar style.  Could they all be emanating somehow from one dissatisfied, disgruntled patient?  I had my suspicions.  If one scrolls down and clicks on “Filters” one will see many, many five-star ratings given by delighted patients on this caring, responsible doctor’s exceptional work

 I did not even question what I had read before I went forward with my procedure.  I had no reason to.  However, when in the office for a lymphatic massage subsequently, I brought it up to a nurse who confirmed that this did emanate from a patient whose unrealistic expectations were not met, in her opinion, absolutely could not be satisfied, and was continuing what I can only refer to as a vendetta – seemingly with the help of YELP since this is not current but continues to be prominently featured.  I was also told that Dr. Rosenfield was not the only plastic surgeon who was under attack from this same source.  I learned that, because of HIPPA, doctors cannot defend themselves and patients, whose privacy must be protected, can say virtually anything they please, justified or not.  

 I have not been asked to write this but am abhorrent to see an excellent doctor’s reputation besmirched by someone of whom no responsibility or accountability is required.  I am writing this in defense of my doctor who has built his excellent reputation because of his personal accomplishments, ability, and hard work.  He has never advertised in his life as it has been unnecessary because of patients like me who have returned themselves, and recommended him to their friends.  He teaches at both Stanford and UCSF as a professor in plastic surgery as well as conducting teaching seminars on his personal advances and techniques which are recognized both nationally and internationally.   He is included every year in both Best Doctors Inc., and Top Doctors in America which select and publish the names of the top 3%.

 My surgery took place less than two weeks ago and yesterday, eleven days later, I attended a fashion show/luncheon fundraiser and no one, except my intimate friends with whom I had shared my experience knew a thing.   And they all told me how wonderful I looked!

 I cannot recommend Dr. Rosenfield highly enough.”  -D.S.

“This is day 9 after my surgery. I’ve got time on my hands as I recover from my tummy tuck…and well I really am a very, very satisfied patient. My surgery was performed by Dr. Lorne Rosenfield in Burlingame, California.

I am 46 and have lost 80+ pounds through diet and exercise and kept it off over 3 years. I had plateaued in my weight loss. I had not very much maybe 25 pounds to go. Having always carried my weight in front in a big belly, I had a significant “apron” of flesh hanging down…it was clear at 46 weight loss alone was not going to cause this to go away. So, I started to search for a surgeon.

Dr. R was recommended to me by my dermatologist who is another excellent physician. Dr. R’s site has a lot of before and after pictures. I saw that he was doing a Fleur de Lis Abdominoplasty. When I saw that procedure I knew instinctively that it would give me the best result…but I had never heard of it. Not having had surgery before…I was bit nervous about what looked so extreme.

Is it ok to gush? I’m not a gushy person but Dr. Rosenfield really is a wonderful physician. You know how it is when you meet someone who is good at what they do and moreover is interested and enjoys what they do? It is a vibe and I got it when I met Dr. Rosenfield for the first time. He backed up my initial impression during the consult. He took time to answer all my questions. He discussed all the various options. I did not ask him about the FDL technique, but after the examination he said that was the best one for me because of how my weight was distributed.

Dr. Rosenfield had, in fact, a keen interest in the Fleur de Lis tummy tuck procedure. He was doing a number of them and had written papers documenting how to do the markings for this old procedure. Many doctor’s don’t know how to do them and, of course, many women don’t want a vertical scar. The scar didn’t matter so much to me because at 46 my bikini time is limited. Moreover, I wanted to get rid of the belly for good, forever.

I asked him a number of questions and left his office very impressed. Still, I wanted to cover all my options and I spoke with four other surgeons. All of them recommended by other doctors. Dr. Rosenfield’s interest in continued learning about his field really stood out. His front office is very well run by BJ his office manager and Mindy his receptionist. (My only complaint about the office is it has a bit more perfume in the air than I personally like.) His medical personnel are equally engaging. I kind of judge a doctor on how well run his office is…just because I have built a business myself. The staff reflects their leader you know?

So, now I had a number of surgeons to choose from. I was hesitating only because of the cost of the FDL was a little bit on the high end in comparison. I am not comfortable negotiating…and anyway can you negotiate with a surgeon? In the end, I ran into a friend who turned out had a had several procedures by Dr. Rosenfield and knew several others who also had. She gushed…for an hour. It cinched the deal for me.

Ok, 9 days out and I am gushing to. The procedure was very successful. The doctor removed over 10 pounds with this procedure. (Not typical I know. I’d say this is because I had been exercising so much and dieting…really the old belly was more like a tumor.)

Dr. Rosenfield I think does excellent pain management. I had a pain pump after the procedure. Before the procedure his office staff waked me through everything. They kitted me out with all the medications and really good documentation about what to expect before, during, and after the procedure. (I write for a living so I can appreciate this.) He has a surgery in his office but was perfectly happy to do the procedure at a local hospital. (Being my first surgery, I was nervous.)

He visited me each day in the hospital…twice in one day. While visiting me one night he caught a problem with an IV the nurse had missed. He was very kind and really knowledgeable…and well, pictures. Check out the pictures…

Satisfied customer. A definite recommend for Dr. Rosenfield.” – L.T.

“If you are researching cosmetic surgery and the best surgeon in the Bay Area …….STOP……..your search is over. Dr. Lorne Rosenfield and his staff is all you need!

Dr. Rosenfield is the finest surgeon you will ever have the privilege of knowing and his staff is the most attentive and kindest group of people you will ever meet. From the first consultation to the final follow up visit, I can honestly say, I have never been treated with more understanding and compassion than I received in this office. I am happy and smiling and love looking “50″ again… and that was quite a few years ago. I look natural, not pulled and that is Dr. Rosenfield’s signature lift.

What more can I say, thank you again Dr. Rosenfield for the new me.”-M.C.M

“You are the Michelangelo of plastic surgeons and one of the sweetest human beings I’ve had the pleasure to know. I’m so glad you came into my life!” -L.V.

“I interviewed several doctors before I met Dr. Rosenfield… His credentials were impressive, but honestly, I was most impressed by his professional demeanor and the confidence I felt by his staff…” -M.S.

“You are one of the most magnificent human beings of all time. As you operated it was clear you are a master of your craft. Our son feels like a new person.” -K.G.

“I could not be happier with Dr. Rosenfield and his staff. This office is the BEST!!! I was very nervous about getting work done and Dr. Rosenfield showed phenomenal compassion and patience in answering every last question both my husband and I had. His staff was very helpful as well. The procedure and post care exceeded my expectations!! He is very compassionate about his practice and it shows in everything he does. I was very nervous about the surgeries and he made me feel at ease right from the beginning.

He has a fantastic beside manner and is very down to earth. He continually made me feel at ease and his post operative care and concern was amazing. We had to take a vacation shortly after my recovery and he immediately returned my phone calls and even helped set up a post op check in a different city, should I have needed it.

All the staff at his office are very welcoming and very caring and couldn’t have been more helpful. Mindy the receptionist is knowledgeable and an absolute joy to deal with. She was able to answer many questions and was always ready to address any concerns I had.

I recommend Dr. Rosenfield with the highest amount of praise.”-C.A.

“I am so happy with my results. You did wonderful work and I am forever grateful.” — D.M.

“I wanted to let you all know that I think you all have given me the best possible care as a patient.” – D.R.

“Thank you for your professional and caring demeanor… I appreciate all that you did to take care of me.” – D.E.

“I cannot begin to thank you… how pleased I am with my recent surgery. I am truly grateful! It has only been 10 days and I can really see the great results!” -P.H.

“Prior to the procedure I had intended to inform only my closest friends… I am so thrilled with how I look now, I find I can’t stop talking about it.. to anyone!” – T.B.

“Thank you for your tremendous kindness and skill in performing my recent surgery! I had such a positive experience and am so thrilled with my results!”-T.B.

“Your wonderful staff made each visit a pleasure-the whole experience just exceeded my expectations!”-T.B.

“Thanks a lot for doing my stitches.  They hurt a bit (NOT!)” —C.G.

“There are no words to describe how pleased we are with our experience and the fabulous results. We knew we were in the best hands.” -J.C.

“I don’t know how to thank you. You are an artist and you made me feel so comfortable, no fear at all. Your staff is like family and have become my friends.” – S.P.

“I wanted to let Dr. Rosenfield know how incredibly happy I am with the laser and facelift. I get so many compliments on how I look and ‘how good my hair looks.”-Susan

“Thank you for your kindness and care. My esteem went up by ten fold! You have a wonderful staff and you guys are great!”-C.K.

“I have never been so completely pampered and skillfully cared for in any medical facility in my life as I have been with Dr. Rosenfield and his team. The results of my facelift are fantastic and way beyond what I expected. He has truly given me the most wonderful gift of looking young and pretty again. I cannot say thank you enough.”-L.D.

“Thank you for being so caring and making sure everything was ‘just right.’ You’re the best!”-C.L

Thank you very much for taking the time to meet with my mother-in-law.  Your poise, knowledge and caring spirit were very comforting!  Thank you, thank you!”  –C.A.

My sincere thanks to all for the expert care before, during and after my surgery.  It was a great relief to know that I was in expert hands; including Dr. Rosenfield, Claudette, Mindy, Silvia, Tara and Sandy.  My concern about post-surgical care was greatly relieved by the compassionate and professional care provided by Ruthy.  You are all so very WONDERFUL.”  —M.M.

“This has obviously been a long, hard-fought journey. I cannot thank you enough for helping me complete it. I could not be more thrilled about the result or the care I received.”-R.B.

“My face made its debut on a flight from San Francisco to Sydney. It was a fabulous success and everyone said I looked wonderful and years younger.”-Maggie, Sydney, Australia

“I wanted to thank you for the great surgery you performed on me. You always seem to go the extra mile for me and I am sure for all your other patients as well.” -M.M.

“Whenever I am smart enough to trust my instincts, they are correct. And upon meeting you, I knew I had met the doctor I wanted to do my surgery and I have never wavered since.”-T.S.

“Your positive, kind and caring manner reconfirmed along my healing period how important it was for me to have selected you. Not only are you super-skilled, but you have selected and trained employees who permeate the postitive caring ‘vibes’ and professional aptitude that allowed me to know right from the start what a quality office you run.”-T.S.

“Not only have you provided what I desired physically, I experienced an amazing restorative experience in my heart and soul.”-T.S.

“This is a note from two very happy people. What you have accomplished in our appearances is nothing short of a miracle.”-J.E., Toronto, Canada

“I may be prejudiced, but when I look at Don, he seems to have lost at least 25 years. Just look!”-J.E., Toronto, Canada

“My face is firmer and best of all my confidence has grown. Thanks for your ability, your warmth and your care.”-J.E., Toronto Canada

“Thank you for working so hard. You really have a kind soul.”-H.B.

“Dr. Rosenfield and B.J., Thank you very much for your kindness the other day by seeing me on such short notice. The both of you are top professionals with a warmth that can never be replaced.”-T.B.

“There is no way to fully thank you for the wonderful care you gave me. You are a fantastic doctor, and a very caring friend. Your work is superb and your many kindnesses have been overwhelming. Thank you, Lorne, for being my special doctor.”-N.R.

“It was almost a year ago that you came out on a Saturday evening and sutured my chin. I had forgotten neither your kindness nor your competence. I have healed well.”-T.B.

“Thank you SO MUCH! You being there made a huge difference. Thanks again.”-R.G.

“Your willingness to assist us during our small crisis was so reassuring. We value the relationship that we’ve made and believe that we found a wonderful office and doctor.”-T.B.

“Thank you, thank you for being so patient, kind, professional and compassionate!  I love my results and that I had the opportunity to become one of your patients– the whole experience from start to finish has exceeded all of my expectations.  Thank you for going the extra mile!  You truly are a gifted physician who knows exactly what the patient needs.  I am glad that I was able to keep you on your toes!  Best to your family, health and career!  You deserve it!”  —C.A.


“I wanted to compliment you on the great course that you taught at the Aesthetic Society Meeting and to thank you very much for taking your time to forward the emails to me which further explained your procedure.   That was greatly appreciated.   I tinkered a little bit on a blepharoplasty I had but no lower blepharoplasty as of yet but I can see how it will work out. I think that is a great procedure without a lot of fanfare.  You definitely need to be complimented on coming up with a nice technique and presenting a great course. ” –Dr. G.R., Westfield, MA

“Lorne I tried one of your pinch facelifts and so far I love it!” — Dr. T.H., Virginia Beach,VA

“Dr. Rosenfield… is a terrific physician and kind of guy that makes me proud to say that I was a plastic surgeon.” — A.S.

I just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying your ingenious techniques of face and neck lifting… thank you so much for taking the time to teach me your methods. I feel very fortunate to have been able to spend time with you.” -Dr. S.B., New York, NY


“The residents have all provided me positive feedback about you and your teaching… thanks again for being such a wonderful educational resource for our residency program.” – G.L., Stanford University

“I have always perceived Plastic Surgery as simply Cosmetic Surgery and now I have a real appreciation for the skill of your specialty.” – J.C., SST

“We found your information quite useful and were able to apply it to our essays and presentation. It was crucial to our data.. and was needed…”-R.B., R.G., Students

“Our surgical technologist students…. Gave you high marks. I was impressed by the respectful way you treated the students, and, am grateful for your lessons.” –A.E-Hospital Consortium of San Mateo County

“Thank you so much for giving me a wonderful opportunity and experience working with you at Peninsula Plastic Surgery, Inc.  For the past two weeks, I have learned so much from all of you:  from the step-by-step procedure of a SMAS, to sticking names and numbers on files and lotions, to speaking to patients, and the day to day life at a private medical office.  I am so glad I met all of you this summer, and I hope to see you sometime soon.” –A.B.

“What a fabulous experience I had watching the tummy tuck surgery in your office! It was so cool that you let me stay in the room to watch and answer all my questions. All of my friends were jealous when I told them why I hadn’t come to school.” S.A.-Burlingame High School

“When I first started this project, I came in with the stereotype that most surgeons were like Dr. 90210… you completely demystified the stereotype.” -L.T.

“Listening to you and seeing how concerned you are for your patients really gave me a better view on the field.. it made me think, ‘Wow, plastic surgeons can learn a lot from this guy.’”-L.T.

“Your teachings have affected me for the better and especially this being my first authentic cosmetic experience, changes the way I look at people.”-A.L.

“It means so much to me that you fit time in for an interview and my ability to watch a tummy tuck. Not only did my experience that day reaffirm my goal to be in the medical field, it really gave me a taste of what it’s going to be like to be a doctor, and I can’t get enough of it.”-S.G., Student

“My profound gratitude for your referral to Lorne Rosenfield. He is a terrific person, a terrific physician, and a kind of a guy that makes me proud to say I was a plastic surgeon, not to mention that we were both trained in the same program.” — A.S.

“Hi, 2 weeks post op. Browpexy, no formal browlift, upper and lower blaph. Lower with transconj fat excision, canthopexy and pinch excision. Thanks Lorne for a great, easy technique.” – T.D.

“Thank you for taking the time to share your candid wisdom at the VA for your “Private Practice” talk… it is really your emphasis on striving for excellence that rings true and permeated the talk.” -A.L.

“I just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying your ingenious techniques of face and necklifting. Of course, my patients are the ones who are really reaping the benefits. Thank you so much for taking the time to teach me your methods. I feel very fortunate to have been able to spend time with you.”-Dr. S.B., New York, NY

Dr. Rosenfield,
My cosmetic rotation at UCSF has come to an end. I wanted to thank you so much for allowing me to come to your office and operate with you, and more importantly for your many words of wisdom and specific pieces of advice. Not everyone is as welcoming and helpful as you have been. It does make a difference in our lives and careers.
Thanks again for being a great mentor.

- Brad Strawn