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“Dr. Rosenfield came highly recommended by my mother and I was reluctant to change doctors.  After agreeing to see Dr. Rosenfield once at the urging of my mom, I decided to make a change. Dr. Rosenfield’s  expertise, explanation of my procedure and alternate options was thorough and helped me feel comfortable in going through yet another procedure.  The follow up care was made as easy as possible by the nurses and staff.  Cannot say enough about the professional staff — who were kind and helpful to all of my needs before and after my procedure–they really anticipated my needs along the way and were well prepared and helpful–even helping me to find perfect cosmetics to hide my redness while healing.  Dr. Rosenfield and his Anesthesiologist made an uncomfortable procedure as comfortable as possible. My beautiful results are deserving of the highest rating– I’m very happy. Follow-up care was thorough and this helped my comfort & healing during the recovery period.  My skin looks great and I feel so much better.  I actually go places not wearing make-up for the first time in my life.  It feels GREAT!
I appreciate Dr. Rosenfield’s high-level care & the support I received from his team; their professional manner, expertise, & attention to every detail is unmatched.  As someone who has suffered from 35+ years of cystic acne and the resulting scars, (and now the wrinkles of aging) I have seen 4 doctors and undergone previous skin softening/resurfacing/laser cosmetic procedures over the years. I highly Recommend Dr. Rosenfiled and staff.”  L.G.

“There is nothing better than feeling good about your skin!  I was going to a chain salon for facials because I thought it was a good deal and it would help me reach my skin care goals.  After no change to my overall skin health, I ended up having a reaction to the products that they were using and they didn’t have the “know how” to get me back on track.  In comes Peninsula Plastic Surgery Skin Specialist Silvia!  Silvia not only gave me the most amazing facial, I am back on track with my skin care goals. Her product knowledge is impressive, her facial room is warm and relaxing and the office is very inviting.  On my last visit I had a chance to chat with Dr. Rosenfield.  While I am not ready yet, when I am, I know I will be back to see him.  In the mean time, I look forward to seeing Silvia as often as possible.  Quality care and attention is worth it!” S.S.

“I just completed a facelift and had my eyes done with Dr. Rosenfield, this was a large and complicated procedure. The results are outstanding !!

His tremendous skill and talent has taken at least 10 years off the age of my face.He has an unbelievable ability to see past the changes that need to be made and create a new fresh natural look, he is truly talented.

His calm, compassionate manner made me feel at ease and confident that the outcome would be one that I would be happy with, I am SO happy with what he has done !!

I can’t say enough about his staff, they are all so caring and thoughtful. His Nurse Sandy, and surgical assistant Tara are absolutely excellent, they are extremely competent, and skilled.

Claudette and Silvia were great to work with, I had multiple consultations and lots of questions, they were always patient, and caring. Gala at the front desk is always very nice.

My after surgery nurses were excellent, Nadine watched over me so carefully, and Ruthy finished up with visits to my home. This two day nursing program was so important to the transition to coming home.

At the end of the day, I don’t regret this for one second, I’m so happy with the results !!

I highly recommend Dr Rosenfield and his staff, Thank you so much !!” D.H.

“I am so very happy with the results from my procedures with Dr. Rosenfield!  Everyone who sees me compliments my appearance, whether or not they know I had anything done.  I am so pleased not just with what was done but the great care before and after.  Staying at his nurse’s home for 2 days after was brilliant, and I highly recommend it. But the work he did on my face and neck was top notch.  I followed all the instructions, and couldn’t be more pleased.  I recommend his services highly, and not just him, his entire staff.” G.W.

“Dr. Rosenfield did a great job of removing 25 or so lipomas that had been bothering me for a long time. He used twilight anesthesia which at first made me nervous since I had had a bad experience years ago. He assured me everything would turn out just fine…which it did 100%. What a difference! His staff was great at making me feel relaxed and comfortable. Under a local I had in the past felt a lot of discomfort in having multiple lipomas removed but this time was virtually painless. I could not be happier with the result. Later, I had another removed under a local only and he did a great job with that too.
Thanks Dr. Rosenfield for your great skill, excellent communication and pain management. 5 stars all the way!” Steve

“Dr. Rosenfield and his staff have been wonderful throughout my whole ordeal of having skin cancer removed from my nose and ear.  Dr. Rosendield did a magnificent job in doing major reconstruction of my ear.  I feel very fortunate to have found him and highly recommend him for his support, professional job and outstanding results.” L.F.

“I chose Dr Rosenfield for two reasons…one was my confidence in his abilities as a plastic surgeon versus having a dermatologist who did cosmetic surgery; to my knowledge, the approach and skill is different. Secondly, I believe in an “artistic eye”…that is having a surgeon who has the instinct to know how to bring out the best of my features without looking like I’ve had plastic surgery. Dr. Rosenfield, being a dedicated and avid photographer, has that skill.  I don’t personally think this is something that can be learned….you either have it or you don’t.

Dr Rosenfield’s office is outstanding in its dedication to service and supporting the patient.  Like him, everyone is warm and positive while maintaining a very professional demeanor. The pre/post Ops care was exemplary, I had 24/7 nursing care covering the first night by Ruthy through “Under the Greenwood Tree”; it  was key to my rapid recovery and cannot be underestimated!

It was impressive that Dr Rosenfield visited me the evening of my surgery and the following morning AND yet again 2 days later. As a result of this attention to detail, my bruising was minimal and I didn’t feel the need for any medication for pain! I had the best experience possible and would not hesitate to recommend Dr Rosenfield and his staff because I know you’ll receive the best care possible and results will be wonderful!” C.L.

“The followup after surgery was wonderful- they schedule 4 appointments to ensure everything is as it should be. They also give you a facial AND a massage. I met with several other doctors before choosing Dr. Rosenfield and he is best by far.
I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Rosenfield.” G.A.

“My review is for Dr. Rosenfield and his lovely and efficient staff, especially Tara and Mindy.  Everyone in their office were very nice to me, they made me feel welcome and comfortable.

I had  a lump on my forehead surgically removed.  Dr. Rosenfield was very kind and he explained the procedure to me which made me feel confident and at ease to have it removed.  I was so lucky for receiving his expertise and professionalism in the field of plastic surgery.

If anyone asked me for a plastic surgeon referral, I would, without hesitation refer Dr. Rosenfield of the Peninsula Plastic Surgery Inc.  You couldn’t be in better hands!  I thank Dr. Rosenfield, and his staff for the outstanding experience!!” C.T.

“SUPER!! That one word summarizes my experience with Dr. Rosenfield’s surgical repair of my upper lip ripped apart during a pickup basketball game. Dr. Rosenfield welcomed me into his office on very short notice and proceeded to masterfully stitch up my bloody upper lip so as to transform what could have been a horrendous outcome into good old me. Sorry, Mick Jagger.” R.S.

“If you are looking to have cosmetic surgery done, look no further. I went to Dr. Rosenfield for the first time 12 years ago for a breast augmentation because my breasts had lost shape after breast feeding. Since this first procedure, I have had an eye lid surgery and a face/neck lift. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Dr. Rosenfield and his practice. He is an amazing doctor and I feel so very lucky that he was recommended to me so many years ago. All the procedures he has performed on me have resulted in wonderful results with no trace of anything having “been done” to my body. Nobody can tell. I just look years younger.

Dr. R is also a wonderful physician in that he takes time to listen and talk to you in detail about any concerns you may have and explains everything very clearly. He never tries to convince you to do anything, but provides expert advice on what it is you yourself would like to enhance. It is no coincidence that he has been awarded so many Patient Choice Awards and that he is on the board of so many faculties. Add to this, his staff is very warm and very experienced. Silvia, who provides skin care at his practice, is amazing too. I have gone to her for peels for many years and it has done wonders to keep my skin look fresh and diminish scars and wrinkles.

I seldom write any reviews, but I felt compelled to do so here. I highly recommend Dr. R.” B.C.

“I was born with a birth defect known as a cleft palate in the Philippines, as I got older I became very insecure about my looks. I decided to look into having it fixed and found out that I could not afford the procedure. Then I found operation access and they sent me to Doctor Rosenfield who has volunteered to help me. He is a real angel who has saved my life. He’s the best man I have ever met and he has made me a better person. I cant thank him enough. Thank you Doctor Rosenfield, I love you.” R.S.

“I had several procedures around 5 years ago, liposuction and lower facelift. I am writing this because I saw some negative comments on yelp. I could not believe they were talking about Dr.R!! My surgery turned out fantastic and I have referred many friends who had the same wonderful  experience.  I sent my mother to him and she was equally satisfied so you know I have confidence, if I would refer my own mother. As of this post, I am getting ready to schedule a consult for additional procedures

Dr R  is truly a skilled professional physician and his bedside manner is so kind and gentle.” S.P.

“This is the honest truth that Dr. Rosenfield changed my life. I have never told him this, but I felt so ugly after my first child in terms of my breasts that I couldn’t even look at myself in the mirror.  I was actually even embarrassed to go to a surgeon.  I met with several, but Dr. Rosenfield was the only one I knew had my best interests at heart AND he was super honest about what would work best for my body type and size (I’m only 5’3”) and what would look most natural.  We did the breast aug and lift and it was a piece of cake.  I just took Tylenol the day after. the proceedure.  I love the results.  Even with a lift you can’t even notice the scars.  It looks and feels totally natural.

That was about 6 years ago.

I now see Dr. R. for botox and fillers and it has made a huge difference as I approach my mid 40s.  It is just great to know there is a way to look like you really feel.  I felt like I looked like a cranky old lady.  Not now.

I should also mention their awesome staff including Mindy, who is just about the friendliest, cutest person you ever could meet.

Dr. R. and his staff rule, and I would highly recommend them to anyone.” M.M.

“I have been a patient of Dr. Rosenfield’s for over 12 years. He has performed both serious medical surgery and cosmetic surgery on me. In all cases, I was carefully informed by him and his staff, treated with the utmost care and respect, and I am entirely satisfied with the outcome. Prior to this association, I had interviewed five other plastic surgeons in order to make the best choice for myself. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone. He is an extraordinary professional, an exceptional communicator, and a loving family man.” A.C.

“Dr. Rosenfield is a terrific surgeon who is caring and skilled.  I had a major elective procedure that revealed the results I was seeking within a week after surgery.  He has an excellent support staff and welcoming office.  There is a completely accredited surgery center next to his office avoiding the need to be in the hospital.   If one is seeking the top plastic surgeon on the northern peninsula, look no further.” S.J.

“Dr. Loren Rosenfield is a highly skilled, professional physician who also happens to be one of the kindest and most thoughtful men I have ever met.  My experience began with a complimentary consultation in which Dr. R. answered all my questions with expertise knowledge and patience.  My surgery was a complete success as I have a very natural and rested look which is the reason why I chose Dr. Rosenfield.  He is incredibly caring and dedicated to your well-being and good health.  Every member of his staff is absolutely wonderful and always there to meet your every need and answer all your questions. His nurse, Ruthie, who cared for me the first night after surgery, was amazing.  I had an excellent experience… and I look so much better!” B.S.

“I went to Dr. Rosenfeld to remove excess skin from my abdomen after loosing 130 lbs. Dr. Rosenfeld knew exactly how to approach the surgery to maximize the effect of what I wanted. He took the time to get to know me and understand my needs. He explained the process from start to finish and answered all my questions and concerns. After the surgery he was vigilant in seeing that my recovery went smoothly. The outcome of the surgery was magnificent!!!!  I am now able to see the results of my labor of weight loss and getting fit. The results far exceeded my expectations. He helped me to achieve my goal!!! His staff is also warm, friendly and very caring and supportive!!! I always feel comfortable and taken care of. I highly recommend Dr. Rosenfeld-I am telling everyone!!!” E.A.

“I contacted Dr. Rosenfield’s office for possible Liposuction procedure. His office is professionally operated by extremely friendly and helpful staff. I met with Dr. Rosenfield several times prior to my surgery. He is a very pleasant person that made me feel comfortable. He explained the procedure completely regarding everything from pre-surgery to Post-surgery care. Dr. Rosenfield did a spectacular job with the Liposuction procedure. I am extremely happy with my new look. It appears that Dr. Rosenfield knew exactly what to do to make me look better. Post-surgery was better than expected.  Dr. Rosenfield is a brilliant surgeon. If I could, he would get 10-stars based upon my experience with him. I highly recommend Dr. Rosenfield to anyone looking for the best in plastic surgery. My final thought, Physicians are not miracle workers, they can only do so much to make you look better. Be realistic about your expectations. In reading some of the negative reviews about Dr. Rosenfield, it is quite obvious that some peoples expectations are not realistic. Dr. Rosenfield, thank you for a wonderful experience!” L.M.

“Dr. Rosenfield is a great plastic surgeon. I accidentally tore out my belly button ring and became quite stressed over it. He observed the scar that had formed, gave me great advice for taking care of it, and eventually gave me a cortisone shot that actually got rid of the keloids that had formed as a result. It is hardly noticeable at all that I had such a scar on my belly button. Also Mindy the secretary there is really kind and they are very flexible in rescheduling appointments. I would definitely recommend Dr. Rosenfield. Thank you so much for all your help and assurance throughout this ordeal.” C.D.

“I received outstanding care at Peninsula Plastic Surgery Group. Dr. Rosenfield is a great surgeon, he put me at ease and demonstrated great compassion and care toward me.  His staff is amazing as well, they are very accommodating, knowledgeable and take on the same high quality care approach of Dr. Rosenfield.  I am extremely happy with my surgery results and the recovery time was exactly as expected with no complications.  I highly recommend Dr. Rosenfield and his staff.” J.L.

“Dr. Lorne Rosenfield did everything he promised and more! I had abdominoplasty – (a big deal surgery) after loosing 40 pounds. I was the right weight for my body but still had a very pronounced C-section ledge (the remnants of two births). I did the surgery in his office. I felt safe and tended to every step of the way. Dr. Rosenfield is a perfectionist and committed to his patients in a genuine and compassionate manner. He is an artist. A true body sculpture that works real life magic and turned my body back into the one I had in high school (maybe even better). I trusted him with my life and would again in a minute because the results speak for themselves.” J.P.

“If you want the best plastic surgeon, see Dr. Rosenfield! He teaches not only plastic surgeon residents, but also “practicing” plastic surgeons. He’s down to earth, loves what he does, and it shows in every aspect of his business. His staff is wonderful, very professional, warm and inviting- starting from Mindy and Bj to everyone that you will work with.  Thank you Dr. Rosenfield for my life back!!” A.L.

“I had a fantastic experience with Dr.Rosenfield and his staff.  The staff is very friendly, professional and helpful in the experience of having a facelift.  Dr. Rosenfield makes you feel so comfortable and has a wonderful bedside manner.  His work is terrific and does exactly what you ask for.  He is definitely an artist and as a result, I was thrilled with the results. Dr. Rosenfield and his staff are always  available to you during the facelift process. ” L.G.

“Dr. Rosenfield really listened to what I wanted for my breast augmentation surgery.  I had special needs related to my surgery, and thanks to him  I received the special attention to my desires that I wanted.  I told him I wanted to look more womanly, yet natural and to retain the essence of an elegant ballroom dancer that I strive to be.  The results are fabulous!” J.D.

“It’s rare that I write a super long review, but have to let this little secret doctor out.  I’ve had numerous procedures done by Dr. Rosenfield and love him!!!

-Went in for a consult for breasts and eyes.  Dr Rosenfield spent over an HOUR with me answering every tiny question and explaining everything in detail.  He has an incredibly approachable demeanor and great sense of humor.  I left feeling confident and very well informed.

I decided to just get my eyes done first to check out his work (makes your eyes look wider and more awake).  I was expecting lots of swelling and bruising, but I literally had a tiny bit of bruising for 2 days!!!  My eyes look AMAZING.  I look so different in pictures, but the great thing is that friends can’t tell.  They just say “wow, you look great, etc” (I didn’t disclose the procedure to anyone).

The staff: I had gone to MANY plastic surgeons and I’m sorry, but most of the staff at other surgeons offices are ditzy, unprofessional and always have “call you back with an answer.”  Dr Rosenfield’s staff is intelligent, kind, and incredibly “on it.”  The staff always remembers you (is that a bad sign because I’m there so much???)  Mindy always has a smile on her face, Silvia is the BEST esthetician (even taught me how to apply makeup) and BJ knows absolutely everything and preps you completely.  Sandy, the OR nurse was super kind (even though most of my memory in the OR is quite fuzzy).  I vaguely remember even getting a popsicle in recovery.

Goody bags!  After my procedure, they sent me home with a EVERY single thing I could possibly need post-surgery (bandages, supplements, etc), including a very cool pair of sunglasses that I still wear every day.  They even go and get all your prescriptions so you don’t have to worry about picking things up. PLUS, I got a free massage, facial, and makeup session.

I’ve also had other small procedures (fillers, etc) done and couldn’t be happier.  He’ll tell you when you don’t need something; his goal is to never make you look “done.”

I’m having my breasts done this week and he’s doing a small amount of lipo and fat grafting.  I’ve come in numerous times and brought pictures, asked more questions and he always takes the time.

By the way he is a PLASTIC SURGEON.  Just because the person you go to does lipo or botox, doesn’t mean they are a plastic surgeon.” M.C.

“Dr. Loren Rosenfield is truly a gifted surgeon.  He is highly credentialed, extremely skilled, kind and caring, and his experienced staff are among the finest examples of expertise and professionalism I have encountered.
From my first consultation appointment through my surgery and post op office visits, I was given excellent advice, supplied with detailed instructions, made to feel safe and comfortable and provided with outstanding care by Dr. Rosenfield and his staff.

Dr. Rosenfield is readily available for any questions prior to and following surgery, places particular emphasis on operating room safety procedures, and gives such personal attention and care to his patients.  My surgical experience was profoundly positive and I am thrilled with my “natural” results.  (His specialty)  I look “refreshed” and feel that way as well!

I have only glowing comments to relate about the entire Peninsula Plastic Surgery Medical Group and I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Loren Rosenfield to prospective patients.” L.B.

“No regrets, is the first thing I will tell you.  It has only been 3 months since my lipo (aesthetic) surgery of the waist, back, stomach, hip fat, chin/neck area and I look & feel like a new woman.  I was not in bad shape (size 12) but early menopause was getting the best of me and my waistline/stomach was expanding no matter how much I watched what I ate or exercised.  I did 6 months of research & interviewing before choosing Dr. Loren Rosenfield, M.D. & his staff.  Not all surgeons, not all practices or follow up procedures are the same.  Each doctor uses a different type of equipment and you need to understand why they feel the equipment they are using is the best for the procedure that you are planning to have.  Dr. Loren Rosenfield is friendly, caring, knowledgeable, experienced, and his staff is friendly, professional, they are excellent to work with and they make you feel welcomed from the minute you walk in the door.  The environment is clean & professional.  The operating room is fully accredited by the American Association of Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities.  You will have a full understanding of what you are going to be going through & they make sure that you are comfortable with your decision.   They even have a resource for your postoperative rest & recovery should you want to keep this private or if you have no one at home to help you as you recover.  The cost is far less than a typical residential hospital or recovery inn and much more personable.  I chose that option, it was well worth the money and I was so glad I did.  Everyone who is reading this I now am a size 6 or 8 depending on the clothing designer, feeling sexier than ever and the money I spent was reasonable in comparison to some of the quotes I received.  Besides I am worth it and I hope you will consider talking to Dr. Lorne Rosenfield before you decide on a surgeon.” C.B.

“I am a gastric bypass patient who lost over 120 pounds and had lots of extra skin issues. I met Dr. Rosenfield at a meeting for gastric bypass patients where he showed us slides of before and after pictures of what his office could do for these problems.  Now five years later I had my final surgery to fix me.  What can I say, He is a wonderful, talented doctor. I am so pleased with my tummy tuck, my eyelid surgery and my lower face lift,
and my lipo.  I look ten years younger than I am, and with the help of all his staff, my recoveries were easy peasy…. All I can say is thank God, I met him and that I had the good sense to realize that this is the MAN  for plastic surgery.” K.L.

“Dr. Rosenfield and his staff are simply the best! I had an upper blepharoplasty and it took 10 years off of my looks. There was absolutely no pain involved, I could go out in public in 5 days, and people tell me that I look refreshed, but cannot identify what has contributed to that new look. Dr. Rosenfield is an artist, as well as a caring and compassionate surgeon. His entire staff is professional and kind. I highly recommend him.” C.M.

“It seems everyone who uses Dr. Rosenfield and his office further recommend him to friends and acquaintances and it is no wonder why. Dr. Rosenfield and his staff show the utmost care and support in whatever procedure a patient is undergoing.  When you are in the office you truly feel as though you are the only one there and all attention and care are focused on you alone. Information supplied before, during and after procedures are detailed, easy to read and give you needed information every step of the way. And finally, results are outstanding!  Follow up to surgery is so personal, again you feel as though you are the only patient that matters.  Dr. Rosenfield and his office set the bar for personal care and results at the highest levels and are able to maintain that with ease!” B.G.

“I recently had facial cosmetic surgery performed by Dr. Rosenfield.
The entire experience was painless.  Dr. Rosenfield’s staff are amazing.
Everyone is friendly, competent and they all go above and beyond to
make you feel comfortable and pampered.
Dr. Rosenfield was recommended by two friends who I thought looked
more youthful and refreshed after their procedure with him. I went to see him  for a consultation, confident that I would look natural —-only much better!!! after  he worked his magic, and magic it was.
I am now 3 months post surgery and I get nothing but
compliments from family and friends.  I am completely satisfied with my
results.  If you are comtemplating cosmetic surgery, don’t hesitate to
consult with Dr. Rosenfield, You will be glad that you did. He is a genius!” D.J.

“Dr. Lorne Rosenfield is a superb plastic surgeon.  He and his incredibly capable staff are there to answer questions, take immediate care of you and thoroughly explain procedures and what to expect.  Dr. Rosenfield REALLY CARES about his patients!  He performed lower eyelid surgery and I could not be more pleased.  I give him the highest recommendation!” L.C.

“In September 2007 (due to family history) I underwent a Bilateral Prophylactic Mastectomy (nipple-sparing) with immediate breast reconstruction using tissue expanders (a silicone balloon-like expander inserted under the skin).
Having immediate breast reconstruction meant that the surgery would be done by 2 surgeons.  I choose Dr. Lorne Rosenfield for the reconstruction portion of my operation. In my opinion, there is no one higher qualified.

During the 6-month period after the mastectomy I visited Dr. Rosenfield’s office each week where he pumped saline into each expander (through a port) in order to gradually stretch the skin.

The level of discomfort during the expansion process varies for each woman, for me, the first 3 months were difficult. Dr. R cared and he listened to my whining (and tears) and did everything possible alleviate my discomfort.

Dr. R never pushed me to rush the process (I’ve heard that some surgeons will pump 60 to 100 cc’s weekly) he only inserted the amount of saline that I felt I could tolerate.  He took his time, talked me through each fill and comforted me just as much as someone in my own family would have.

In March 2008 Dr. R removed the tissue expanders and replaced them with silicon implants. My physical and emotional recovery was surprisingly easy and I credit this to Dr. R’s amazing talent.  He did a perfect job.  My breasts are full, symmetrical, and my scars are slim and quite inconspicuous.
Dr. Rosenfield is gifted and THE BEST plastic surgeon available!

(Bonus…His staff…they are professional and compassionate miracle workers)” L.O.

“Dr. Lorne Rosenfield is an amazing plastic surgeon and has performed several different procedures for me over quite a few years.  I can walk into his office for surgery without fear and always with confidence that I will be a very happy woman once the healing has taken place.  He has never disappointed me.  To the contrary; he has always exceeded expectations. I know that every possible precaution is taken to ensure my overall health, comfort and protection and that I can look forward to superb results.
Dr. Rosenfield’s education and experience are second to none and over and above his credentials, he is continually voted by his peers as one of the top ten plastic surgeons in the country.  In my opinion well deserved.
His integrity and caring for his patients is obvious and exemplary and the team he has gathered around him reflect his own philosophy for the satisfaction, comfort and well-being of his patients.
I cannot think of enough superlatives to praise Dr. Rosenfield and his entire staff.  Mindy, his delightful receptionist, has my permission to provide my phone number to any prospective patient who may need a personal reference or a little hand-holding.” D.S.

“What can I say, I am 68 years old. After Dr. Rosenfield did his magic,I am taken for 30 years younger.  He not only made me look younger, he made me beautiful.  It isn’t only just that, his ethics and skill, his staff, well I have never been so well taken care of and completely pampered. I cannot fully express what a painless and wonderful experience being a patient of Dr. Rosenfield’s has been.” L.D.

“Feeling beautiful inside is naturally the best of the best. Dr. Rosenfield truly appreciates people’s inner beauty. As a master of plastic surgeons, he is able to match the outside with the inside in a way that is natural, completely believable, and with the least amount of invasion, stress, or healing. If you want to correct or improve something about yourself, you can trust him to never lead you astray. The office is run in a totally professional manner with the perfect mix of warmth, concern, and fun. I’ve loved every procedure I’ve done there, which is considerable over the years that mattered most to me and I have not one moment of regret.” S.B.

“Thank you Dr. Rosenfield for your artistry and brilliant face work last month.  Amazing results and healing time was beyond belief.  Every day I look in the mirror and wonder…how did you do that!

2 years ago lipsuction on my tummy, brought me back to my highschool figure.  You are an earth angel!” D.W.