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Covid Update

Updated June 19, 2020

Well, it’s that time again for an update from Peninsula Plastic Surgery Inc. I hope you all remain safe and sound. I’m thrilled to report that for the last couple of weeks, we’ve been slowly cracking the office door open again to welcome back our patients. And I have to tell you that it has been wonderful meeting both new patients and prior patients – for the first time in too many weeks! To quote my wife’s sentiments, I too am so happy to see anyone else other than the people with whom I’m sheltering at home!

As I’m recommending to all my friends and family, when it comes to any “re-entry” into our community of services, one should wait until they are up and running efficiently and, most importantly, safely! After a few weeks of a “soft-opening,” I can happily say that all has gone very smoothly. We are now officially reopened – and needless to say, all of my stringent safety protocols remain in place for the benefit of both my staff and my patients.

In honour of this occasion, I would like to extend to all my patients an invitation to come to visit us: We may keep our masks and gloves on…and our distance, but we’ll be so happy to see you – and there are individually wrapped treats for you as a “party” favour! And of course, should you prefer to have a ZOOM consult, we’ll be glad to set one up.

So we hope to see you soon. And as always, stay safe!

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