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Mid Summer Missive

Updated July 20, 2020

Now that my office has been up and running for the last several weeks, I thought it would be an
auspicious time to reconnect. I am happy to report that the re-opening has transpired without a
hitch. Of course, to realize such a rewarding outcome, I have to thank both my talented Staff and
stalwart Patients. Everyone has been incredibly responsible, supportive, and optimistic.
And on that count, as I tell my staff and patients, I personally remain optimistic as long as we all
abide by the core “rules of conduct.” And you can be assured that my staff and I are right there with
you all! As one patient recently confessed: “Your office, Dr. Rosenfield, is the first location I felt
comfortable visiting simply because I’ve always appreciated your concerns about safety.”

So what’s happening at Peninsula Plastic Surgery? Well, we are seeing many patients who want to
restart their skincare program, reboot their Botox and other injectables, and consider surgeries now
that they find themselves with the “time and space”!

That said, as I’ve mentioned in past missives, even if you are not planning on coming into visit yet, I
welcome you to lean on me personally if I can be of any assistance about anything medical whilst
you are at home. Otherwise, should you prefer, you are always invited to consult with us by Zoom.
And of course, if you wish to replenish any of your skincare products, we are happy to pack them up
and have them delivered to your front door, swiftly – maybe a little less swiftly than Amazon but
eminently more anti-aging!

So, until next time, stay safe, stay healthy, and stay optimistic.

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