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Updated April 16, 2020

Dear Patients:

I hope you and yours remain safe and sound. My staff and I are thankfully all well and keeping ourselves busy supporting our present and future patients. As you know, we all pride ourselves in treating our patients, as I like to say, as “Faberge eggs.” So even during these trying times, we continue to take care of all of our patients: both in-person, if necessary and otherwise, by video conference. In addition, we have successfully been conducting many virtual online consultations. And we are now replicating the in-office experience with a tag-team approach by including Claudette, our patient coordinator, to immediately follow up with a patient following their consultation with me.

RE-ENTRY: The next big endeavor will be our re-opening of our physical office. In light of the trickling of reassuring news about COVID, we are cautiously optimistic about the lifting of the shelter in place in early May as was initially planned. That said, as I have noted before, as a small office with our own surgery center and consistent staff, we can and will be uniquely nimble and thus ready and able to adjust our schedules efficiently as guided by the latest news.

But clearly the re-opening of our office and the operating room will depend upon the convergence of several critical mandates: access to immediate COVID testing of both staff and patients, evidence that there are proven COVID treatment choices and of course, office protocols in place to ensure the safety of everyone! And as the former Chair of the Safety Committee for the largest aesthetic surgical society, you know that patient safety is one of my core passions. In fact, I was just invited by my national plastic surgical association to join a select COVID Aesthetic Society Safety Task Force whose charge it will be to directly address and draw up specific guidelines for all plastic surgeons. So my patients will be the first to benefit from what will surely be the most comprehensive, up to date recommendations!

COMMUNICATION: So, in the meantime, as I’ve said every time I’ve communicated with you, Peninsula Plastic Surgery remains here for you. Our individual contact information is re-listed at the bottom of this message. Do not hesitate to reach out to me personally or any one of my staff members about anything. And I do mean anything: I am fully aware of the difficulty many patients are having connecting with their doctors.

CONSULTATION: And in that regard, to deliver a more reliable service, we have now switched to Zoom for our online consultations. So please contact Galla at if you desire a virtual visit.

ZOOM WEBINAR: Finally, I invite all my patients to join me in a Zoom Office Webinar so you can revisit me and my wonderful office staff, retell your own COVID stories and request answers to all your questions about our office’s next steps. So please mark your calendars for next Wednesday, April 22nd at 3:00 pm and click on the following link and join the “party”! – NO password needed.  I truly look forward to both seeing and speaking to many of you.

And by the way, you can find this and my prior COVID related missives as well as a link to online consultations on my website at

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Home!

Lorne Rosenfield M.D.

P.S. Also, for your reading pleasure, I’ve included the contents below of an article I’ve just written for a local magazine about my thoughts on COVID.


As a surgeon, to ensure a reliable and safe outcome in the operating room, one is trained to be a creature of habit: you learn to honour and perform the most tried and true surgical strategies.  And that kind of discipline spills over into the rest of the surgeon’s life and schedule. For the last three decades, I’ve been getting up early every morning, greeting my next patient, donning a blue gown, and practicing my craft one more time. So to have this rhythm of life disrupted so abruptly – to be retired by a governmental edict or more precisely by a 120 nanometer-sized, lifeless virus – was quite disorienting.

But enough about me! This otherworldly scenario represents something far more profound and far-reaching: in no time in world history has the entire human population been in as great experiential synchrony as we are right now. And that perspective has brought me comfort and encouragement. I’ve witnessed its positive effects in so many ways in my own medical world:  How proud am I about the astounding speed with which our local Peninsula Hospital mounted its response and readiness!  How comforting it has been to have so many neighbours, patients, and strangers contact me about their desire to donate supplies to our local hospital. How easy all my patients have made my practice’s shifting of their appointment schedule and surgeries yet again on our shared blank calendars.

And that is the seminal word in this missive: “collective.” As hackneyed as it may be, we are all truly in this together. And it is my impression that when this virus dissipates – like one of those menacing fogs in a Stephen King tale – we will all be changed for the better in so many ways: a little kinder to, a bit more patient with, a tad more appreciative of our neighbours, our fellow travelers on the road, our Amazon and Instacart drivers – and even our own family members. And you can be sure that our hands will also be a little cleaner!

On a grander scale, I predict there will be other propitious consequences, including game-changing advances in our medical sciences, such as innovations in viral drug therapy, telemedicine, and protective equipment.

Although it may appear that we are all sheltering in our own silos, an intangible, unseen, imperceptible sympatico is not only present, but I believe is germinating. As a surgeon who believes one must deliberately hone one’s craft every single day, so too, when this cloud finally lifts, and we all resurface blinkingly from our refuges, I am confident that we will all be changed in some small way.

In the meantime,

Stay safe,

Lorne Rosenfield M.D.

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