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Dr. Rosenfield’s Approach to Skin Care

The following list describes not only the many skin care services offered by Peninsula Plastic Surgery Skin Specialists, but also the ways in which the treatments of Dr. Rosenfield, his nurses and medical aesthetician are different. Dr. Rosenfield has always strived to create a skin care service that is much more than just a “spa”. As marketable as that term may be, it doesn’t inspire all involved to step up to deliver “medical grade” care. That is, he has infused his skin care division with the same high ethical standards for which his aesthetic surgery is renowned: Dr. Rosenfield is on site to monitor, design and assist in the very best of skin care. So, for every treatment, peel, injection or product, safety, sterility and efficacy remain our primary goals. That is, we are not here to just sell you something: we are here to professionally educate and safely guide you to better skin health.

The Bottom Line: Dr. Rosenfield personally evaluates, approved and oversees all services offered. He has selected only those products and treatments that have become “tried and true” in the medical literature.


Traditional Facial Treatments

Usually these services are rendered by an individual in a storefront setting.  There is perhaps a doctor’s name on the door, but not necessarily in the building.

The Difference: All of Peninsula Plastic Surgery Skin Specialists’ services are conducted in a medical office, in a dedicated, sterile environment by properly trained and certified personnel, under the ever-watchful eyes of Dr. Rosenfield. All facial patients are first evaluated by our specially trained and experienced medical aesthetician, Silvia.  Silvia offers the full range of the usual facial skin care treatments.  But her talents do not stop there:  she has been trained to treat the more complex problems of hyperpigmentation, acne prone skin, or severely sun damaged tissue.  As appropriate, these treatments focus not only on the face, but also, the oft-neglected neck, chest, arms and hands.  And whenever the staff deems appropriate or the patient desires, a free skin evaluation with Dr. Rosenfield is offered.  And as for our skin care products, we are not married to any one company, but rather have carefully over many years, selected the very best solutions from the very best companies.   And, we do not try to “up-sell” you either during or after your treatment!

We also offer the services of our highly skilled registered nurses, Kathy and Joanne, for expert treatment with injectable products.   In addition, Kathy also conducts truly artistic permanent makeup treatments. And finally, Ruthy, our supreme massage therapist and lymphatic drainage expert, delivers soothing and healing care to our postoperative patients, insuring that she too assists in achieving our goal of delivering the easiest and quickest recovery.