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Dr. Rosenfield’s Approach to Cosmetic Surgery

The following list describes not only the various surgeries offered but, more importantly, the ways in which Dr. Rosenfield’s techniques are different. Dr. Rosenfield may have signature techniques, but never “signature” results. The guiding aesthetic principle underlying all of Dr. Rosenfield’s cosmetic surgeries is to create a result that is, in fact, “invisible”. He is passionate about you looking rejuvenated and natural, not “done”: people should notice without “knowing”!

In addition, Dr. Rosenfield has adopted the unique philosophy of incorporating many complementary therapies to both prepare and care for his patients. These modalities include pre and post operative massage, lymphatic drainage and ultrasound therapy to promote both their calming and healing effects, dual herbal anti-bruising supplements to expedite recovery and soothing skin care treatments to protect and treat healing skin.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Dr. Rosenfield has, over the last 25 years, been dedicated to and specialized in aesthetic surgery.  But more importantly, he has developed a surgical philosophy, which strives to scrupulously educate the patient before surgery, apply surgical and aesthetic principles that are at once reliable, natural looking and safe and deliver attentive and complete postoperative care to facilitate the patient’s recovery.


Eyelid Lift (“Blepharoplasty”)

The Routine Approach: The excess skin is removed from the upper eyelids and the fatty bags from the lower eyelids through a full thickness incision at the upper and lower eyelids. This is known as an eyelid lift or “Blepharoplasty”. Unfortunately, this technique can result in some “bowing” or rounding of the lower eyelid, giving the patient a “done” look.

The Difference: Dr. Rosenfield uses a technique he calls the “Pinch Blepharoplasty” which successfully prevents the “rounded, hollow or surprised” look of the usual eyelid surgery, with quicker healing and more complete results. The patient looks refreshed rather than “done”. Dr. Rosenfield has written, presented and now regularly teaches his technique to his colleagues nationally and internationally.  Most recently, Dr. Rosenfield’s pinch technique was published as a chapter in the definitive aesthetic surgery text.


The Routine Approach: The excess skin at the cheeks and neck is removed with tightening of the deeper layers of the face, through an incision around the ears and through the neck.  Commonly, the tissues of the face are extensively undermined, dissected and tightened.   Unfortunately, this approach often mandates a lengthier surgery and a commensurately longer postoperative recovery.  But more significantly, the patient can sometimes display that tight, pulled or “operated” look.

The Difference: Dr. Rosenfield conducts what he has named the “Pinch Facialplasty” technique, which avoids the usual stigmata of facelift. Scars are scrupulously hidden, earlobes are left untethered, brows are left unsurprised and most significantly, faces are left refreshed, not pulled, with a restored cheek, clean jaw line and fully recontoured neck. He is presently writing a paper to publish and present to his fellow plastic surgeons on this rewarding approach.


The Difference: Dr. Rosenfield usually conducts the rhinoplasty through a “closed” approach with all incisions hidden within the nose, resulting in less scarring and faster healing. In addition, Dr. Rosenfield’s surgical philosophy remains conservative with the creation of a result that does not look like a “nose job” but rather a smaller more balanced and symmetrical version of the original nose:  his approach strives for the “invisible” rhinoplasty.

Breast Augmentation

The Routine Approach: Usually a saline (salt-water) or silicone filled implants is placed through an incision at the bottom of the breast and under the chest. Unfortunately, not infrequently, the breast implantation can look or feel obvious.

The Difference: Dr. Rosenfield consistently strives to prevent the “overaugmentation” or “done” look of so many breast augmentations, a technique that he describes as the “supernatural” breast enhancement.  He accomplishes this with the meticulous creation of an exact pocket into which the implant will rest and careful use of multiple sizer implants in surgery, to find, as he puts it, the “sweet spot” of sizes for the patient’s desires and habitus. As well, if appropriate, he will place the implant through an exacting incision at the margin of the nipple to create an almost invisible scar; and under the breast tissue only, to reduce postoperative discomfort significantly and potentially create a more natural breast.


Traditional Approach: The removal of excess fat from various resistant areas of the body using suction through a metal cannula. This technique can be traumatic with excess bruising and swelling, and incomplete, particularly when treating the thicker areas of the body, such as the back, abdomen and thighs.

The Difference: Dr. Rosenfield has for years gained significant experience using the advanced techniques of ultrasonic liposuction in addition to the traditional approaches. The advantage of the ultrasonic technology is the greater ease with which the fat, particularly fibrous fat, may be removed (such as in the upper abdominal and back roll areas). As a bonus, there is often better shrinkage of the excess skin, less trauma and bruising with attendant faster recovery.


The Routine Approach: The removal of excess skin at the lower belly with tightening of the underlying abdominal wall. At times, this technique can result in an incomplete appearance, with the waist still wide, the pubis still sagging, and excess skin still present, particularly towards the sides. Of note, Dr. Rosenfield has developed particular expertise in body contouring the weight loss patient on account of the very large bariatric program at Peninsula Hospital situated across from his office.

The Difference: Dr. Rosenfield approaches the abdomen in a significantly more comprehensive way:  That is, not only is the lower abdominal excess skin removed, but also the inner, outer thighs and pubis are lifted delivering a complementary “lower body lift” effect.  And the waist is sculpted with the creative application of sutures and liposuction.  This entire procedure is accomplished through a hidden, low bikini incision. In fact, Dr. Rosenfield presents, teaches and has recently published a chapter on his techniques in the latest aesthetic surgery text, in which the procedure is called the “Comprehensive Abdominoplasty”.

Also, for those patients with primarily an excess of skin (with minimal abdominal wall bulging and fat), Dr. Rosenfield has created what he has named the “Pinch Abdominoplasty”, a kinder, gentler tummy-tuck which need not be conducted under general anesthesia, through a much shorter incision with a quicker, less painful recovery!