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Google Glass Article

Since Dr. Rosenfield shared his recent experience being the first plastic surgeon to use google glasses, the local San Mateo Medical Society Journal was interested as well. Below is his article contribution on page 13! San Mateo Medical Society Journal  

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Check out Dr. Rosenfield’s most recent publication! Psychological Assessment Checklist

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RECENT ARTICLES First Google Glass Plastic Surgery!

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Google Glass Surgery Video

As a long-standing educator in my field of plastic surgery, as soon as I heard about Google Glass, I knew immediately that this innovation could have incredible applications within surgery.  So, when my college aged son Michael, applied and became one of only a couple thousand Google Glass “Explorers” to receive the device, I grasped the opportunity to try them in surgery.  With proper consent by the patient, I chose to do a procedure about which I have published and lectured:  a “Pinch Blepharoplasty” (otherwise known as an cosmetic eyelid lift). Yesterday, from my office operatory in Burlingame, I successfully live-streamed the surgery to residents at both UCSF and Stanford.

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