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Welcome to Peninsula Plastic Surgery Inc. We know you have many choices when it comes to exploring your options for plastic surgery. The purpose of our website is to reach out to the larger community and truly substantiate why we feel you should consider visiting our office.

To this end, please consider the following distinctions that we strongly feel distinguish this office.

Discover the Differences

Guest Speaker at LA Symposium

Dr. Rosenfield will be featured as a guest speaker at The Los Angeles Society of Plastic Surgeons annual symposium this fall. To see what he’ll be talking about click on the link below! TheLosAngelesSocietyofPlasticSurgeons2014AnnualSymposium.docx

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RECENT ARTICLES Google Glass Article

Since Dr. Rosenfield shared his recent experience being the first plastic surgeon to use google glasses, the local San Mateo Medical Society Journal was interested as well. Below is his article contribution on page 13! San Mateo Medical Society Journal  

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Check out Dr. Rosenfield’s most recent publication! Psychological Assessment Checklist

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