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Welcome to Peninsula Plastic Surgery Inc. We know you have many choices when it comes to exploring your options for plastic surgery. The purpose of our website is to reach out to the larger community and truly substantiate why we feel you should consider visiting our office.

To this end, please consider the following distinctions that we strongly feel distinguish this office.

Discover the Differences

Re-Appointment as Chair of the National Safety Committee and as Traveling Professor

Dr. Rosenfield was honored to be re-appointed to two very prestigious positions with the American Aesthetic Society.  As Chair of the safety committee represents one of the largest and most transformative endeavors.  Dr. Rosenfield will continue to pursue his career long commitment to achieve, not only the best aesthetic results, but also the greatest degree […]

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RECENT ARTICLES Upcoming Publication of Original Journal Article on Innovation in Infection Prevention

Dr. Rosenfield is pleased to have another of his clinical research papers accepted for publication in the premiere journal in plastic surgery.  The topic involves the definition of a reliable preventative staph (MRSA) infection protocol which has successfully averted a proper  infection in Dr. Rosenfield’s post surgical patients for over 10 years.

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RECENT ARTICLES Visiting Professor at Harvard University and Cairo University

Dr. Rosenfield will be lecturing as an invited keynote speaker at several major universities and professional meetings.  First this spring, Dr. Rosenfield will visit Boston and the University of Massachusetts and then soon thereafter, the University of Chicago.  And the this fall,, he will be the invited speaker at the Canadian Aesthetic Society in Vancouver […]

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