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“#Trending: Why Patient Identifying Information Should Be Protected on Social Media”

Dr. Rosenfield’s latest article has just been accepted to be published in PRS Journal! Stay tuned to read!

Pinch Blepharoplasty!

I am proud to announce that my newest chapter on the “Pinch Blepharoplasty” was just published in the latest edition of Foad Nahai’s “The Art of Aesthetic Surgery – Principles and Techniques”. This text represents the most prestigious and referenced of its kind in the field of Aesthetic Surgery. In this chapter, I have updated […]

Mid Summer Missive

Updated July 20, 2020 Now that my office has been up and running for the last several weeks, I thought it would be an auspicious time to reconnect. I am happy to report that the re-opening has transpired without a hitch. Of course, to realize such a rewarding outcome, I have to thank both my […]

My newest commentary!

Covid Update

Updated June 19, 2020 Well, it’s that time again for an update from Peninsula Plastic Surgery Inc. I hope you all remain safe and sound. I’m thrilled to report that for the last couple of weeks, we’ve been slowly cracking the office door open again to welcome back our patients. And I have to tell you that […]

Exciting News!

Dr. Rosenfield was recently elected to be a member of the select aesthetic surgery subcommittee on the American Board of Plastic Surgery!

Duke University Professor

Recently, Dr. Rosenfield was invited to become a professor of plastic surgery at Duke University where he will be teaching senior residents both onsite and remotely!

More on Covid-19

Updated April 16, 2020 Dear Patients: I hope you and yours remain safe and sound. My staff and I are thankfully all well and keeping ourselves busy supporting our present and future patients. As you know, we all pride ourselves in treating our patients, as I like to say, as “Faberge eggs.” So even during […]

We’re Still Available – 24/7

Dear Patient: While we all shelter in place, I thought it would be a good idea to update everyone on the status of my practice.  My physical office may be shuttered but my wonderful team and I are still at your service! You can be assured that Galla, Claudette, Silvia, Tara, and Sandy remain on […]

Dr. Rosenfield Keynote Speaker!

Dr. Rosenfield has been honored to speak at the Minnesota Society of Plastic Surgeons as the keynote speaker! msps spring 2019 invite