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Services Offered at Peninsula Plastic Surgery Inc

Cosmetic Surgery

We are entirely dedicated to the full range of aesthetic surgery. Your procedure may be performed in either our fully accredited in-office surgical facility or at the Mills Hospital outpatient facility.

Although the office does not accept insurance directly, we will be glad to assist you with your preauthorization and insurance billing needs. My patient coordinator, Claudette, expertly manages all pricing and scheduling.

Dr. Rosenfield’s Approach to Cosmetic Surgery

The following list describes not only the various surgeries offered but, more importantly, the ways in which Dr. Rosenfield’s techniques are different. Dr. Rosenfield may have signature techniques, but never “signature” results. The guiding aesthetic principle underlying all of Dr. Rosenfield’s cosmetic surgeries is to create a result that is, in fact, “invisible”. He is passionate about you looking rejuvenated and natural, not “done”: people should notice without “knowing”!

In addition, Dr. Rosenfield has adopted the unique philosophy of incorporating many complementary therapies to both prepare and care for his patients. These modalities include pre and post operative massage, lymphatic drainage and ultrasound therapy to promote both their calming and healing effects, dual herbal anti-bruising supplements to expedite recovery and soothing skin care treatments to protect and treat healing skin.

Surgeries Offered

Skin Resurfacing (with CO2)

Routine Approach: The resurfacing is usually accomplished with either chemicals (which can overly bleach the skin) or with the CO2 laser to just around the mouth and /or the eyelids (which can result in obvious lines of demarcation which can be difficult to camouflage). In addition, the laser is usually conducted as a separate, independent procedure from a surgical facelift.

The Difference: Dr. Rosenfield will only laser the entire face in order to prevent lines of “demarcation” between areas treated and those not, as well as to create a more dramatic result. Also, because of Dr. Rosenfield’s extensive experience with the CO2 laser, he is often able to conduct what he calls the “Laser Facelift” in which he accomplishes both the full face CO2 resurfacing and the facelift, creating one of the most gratifyingly impressive results, and saving the patient a second trip to the operating room.


Traditional Approach: The removal of excess fat from various resistant areas of the body using suction through a metal cannula. This technique can be traumatic with excess bruising and swelling, and incomplete, particularly when treating the thicker areas of the body, such as the back, abdomen and thighs.

The Difference: Dr. Rosenfield has for years gained significant experience using the advanced techniques of ultrasonic liposuction in addition to the traditional approaches. The advantage of the ultrasonic technology is the greater ease with which the fat, particularly fibrous fat, may be removed (such as in the upper abdominal and back roll areas). As a bonus, there is often better shrinkage of the excess skin, less trauma and bruising with attendant faster recovery.

Body Contouring After Weight Loss With or Without Gastric or Other Bypass

Dr. Rosenfield’s office has developed a unique interest in the post weight lost / post gastric bypass patient. Dr. Rosenfield has extensive experience in all aspects of body contouring, such as neck lifts, breast repair, abdominoplasty, total body lifts, arm and inner thigh reductions and liposuction. In fact, he has just recently contributed a chapter describing his innovations in body contouring in one of the premier plastic surgery publications. Dr. Rosenfield has also presented his techniques at national meetings and to multiple gastric bypass support groups. He now conducts regular teaching course to his fellow plastic surgeons to demonstrate his techniques in body contouring post weight loss.

Equally, his office staff is well versed and able to help address all aspects of the post weight loss/ bypass patient.

The Bottom Line: Dr. Rosenfield and his staff are uniquely qualified to take care of all aspects of post weight loss body contouring: they are particularly sensitive to the concerns, needs and expectations of these patients. Ancillary staff includes a diet and exercise consultant and a massage and physical therapist. These very talented individuals collaborate with the patient both before and after the potential plastic surgery to both educate the patient as well as promote their healing.

Skin Care Services: Peninsula Skin Care Specialists

Our team of skin experts offers a wide range of non-surgical services:

Your Skin: Peninsula Skin Care Specialists is an integral part of the office. My specially trained medical aesthetician, Silvia, offers a full menu of services to our patients. These include facials, microdermabrasion, and medical grade chemical peels. These treatments are also performed both before and after your facial surgery to maximally prepare your skin before and camouflage and encourage healing after. As well, Silvia can perform camouflage makeup, eyelash tinting, hair waxing and special hydrating facial treatments.

Your Muscles: We are fortunate to have a doubly trained therapist of both physical therapy and massage therapy. Ruth applies her expertise in both disciplines by combining the benefits of ultrasound, massage and lymphatic drainage to reduce your postoperative wound pain, swelling and bruising and encourage faster healing.

Your Nutrition and Health: We also have a diet and exercise expert, Karen, available for consultation. This service is often used before and after body contouring surgery.