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Re-Appointment as Chair of the National Safety Committee and as Traveling Professor

Dr. Rosenfield was honored to be re-appointed to two very prestigious positions with the American Aesthetic Society.  As Chair of the safety committee represents one of the largest and most transformative endeavors.  Dr. Rosenfield will continue to pursue his career long commitment to achieve, not only the best aesthetic results, but also the greatest degree […]

Upcoming Publication of Original Journal Article on Innovation in Infection Prevention

Dr. Rosenfield is pleased to have another of his clinical research papers accepted for publication in the premiere journal in plastic surgery.  The topic involves the definition of a reliable preventative staph (MRSA) infection protocol which has successfully averted a proper  infection in Dr. Rosenfield’s post surgical patients for over 10 years.

Visiting Professor at Harvard University and Cairo University

Dr. Rosenfield will be lecturing as an invited keynote speaker at several major universities and professional meetings.  First this spring, Dr. Rosenfield will visit Boston and the University of Massachusetts and then soon thereafter, the University of Chicago.  And the this fall,, he will be the invited speaker at the Canadian Aesthetic Society in Vancouver […]

Invited Journal Commentary on Body Contouring:

Dr. Rosenfield was invited to write a expert commentary about a landmark body contouring paper.  His primary message was that when considering these kinds of elective procedures we must always consider safety first and more deliberately select the most appropriate patients and techniques.

Inaugural Facelift Teaching Course at the Annual Conference:

After years of delivering his Blepharoplasty and Abdominoplasty courses at the annual Aesthetic meeting, Dr. Rosenfield conducted the inaugural course on his Pinch Facialplasty. Dozens of colleagues confirmed that they have recently converted to this technique with very rewarding results.  With such a warm reception, Dr. Rosenfield is sure to present this course again next […]

Expert on Blepharoplasty (eyelid rejuvenation) Panel at the Aesthetic Society Meeting

Dr. Rosenfield just returned from the Aesthetic Society annual meeting in Las Vegas where he was invited to sit on a distinguished eyelid surgery expert panel. Before over a 1000 of his colleagues, Dr Rosenfield presented his unique technique demonstrating superlative results with the greatest safety.  It was most gratifying to determine that almost 50% […]

New Injectable Filler!

As you know, I am very conservative when it comes to using any product that goes in or on a patient. Well, after many months of consistently great results, I can confidently state that the new Allergan product, Voluma, is a winner!  We have learned that as we age we lose volume in our faces, […]

See what patients are saying about Dr. Rosenfield!

“World-Class! Not only is Dr. Rosenfield an amazing plastic surgeon, but he is one of those rare people you come across that make you feel at ease. From being greeted by Gala, the office manager, to meeting with the Patient Coordinator, Claudette, you just feel welcomed and relaxed. Although he is extremely busy, he makes […]

My contribution to an online cosmetic surgery “debate”

Dr. Rosenfield recently wrote an article responding to the question:  “Why has plastic surgery become so popular? Because it works! Read more at this link: ravishly    

World Renowned!

Whenever, Dr. Rosenfield sees the words “world renowned” beside his name on a symposium brochure, he always sends a copy to his four kids to remind them that their father may just know a thing or two! Indeed, Dr. Rosenfield has been very busy the last few months:  Beside his regular surgical schedule, he has […]