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Pinch Facialplasty

I am always striving to design the best surgical techniques which will deliver the best aesthetic results.   Then I put down on paper a “how-to” for my fellow plastic surgeons for publication, presentation and teaching purposes.  My latest contribution is going to be describing my “Pinch Facialplasty”:  a kinder, gentler facial rejuvenation technique which delivers […]

Operation Access

In the wake of the past economic downturn, I decided that instead of travelling beyond our borders to offer my services to those in need, I would try to accomplish the same mission right in my own backyard. So, after much organization, I am proud to say that I now will be able to deliver […]

Checklist for Surgeons

My clinical influence has crossed the ocean! I have always been obsessive about safety in the operating room. So, last year I published a pilot’s type checklist for surgeons to institute in their operating rooms in an effort to create an “error-free” zone. This paper was very well received in this country. But to my […]

“Art of Aesthetic Surgery” Chapter Contributions

One of my passions is developing new and better techniques in plastic surgery. Well, I just reviewed the newest addition of the definitive surgical text in aesthetic plastic surgery called the “Art of Aesthetic Surgery” ..with two chapters authored by yours truly! In this three volume tome, I describe my newest techniques in both facial […]

Upcoming Allure article

As I always say to my patients, I do not believe in supporting blatant advertising and aggressive marketing: magazine ads, billboards (!), direct mail or being managed by public relations firms who will, for a price, “insert” me in popular magazines and t.v. shows. So when an editor from Allure magazine called me recently, my […]

Promotion at Stanford

As many of you know, I teach the resident plastic surgeons at both medical schools in the Bay Area:  UCSF and Stanford.  Last year, I was promoted to a Professor of Plastic Surgery at UCSF and now I will soon be elevated to an Associate Professor of Plastic Surgery at Stanford!

Aesthetic Surgery Symposium, Rio de Janeiro

I have for many years delivered teaching courses on facial and body rejuvenation at the major national plastic surgical meetings. More recently, I was honored with the request to participate in this year’s Brazilian national aesthetic surgery meeting in Rio de Janeiro. As well, I have been asked to join the faculty to speak at […]

New website

Welcome to my NEW office website!  I am very proud of the “facelift” I have performed on the site.  There are lots of new features, such as a better photo gallery (with larger and clearer pre and post operative pictures), a blog space (such as I am using right now) for keeping my patients up […]