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Dr. Rosenfield's Publications

Welcome to my Publication Site:

You will find attached below copies of some of my publications in the Plastic Surgical literature:

1.  Dr. Rosenfield CV/Resume


2.  Article about Dr. Rosenfield’s checklist in the newsletter of the premier surgery center accreditation association (AAAASF)

Rosenfield Article The Operating Room Checklist in AAAASF Newsletter Spring 2013(1)

3.  Chapter describing advancements in the Abdominoplasty technique published in the definitive text The Art of Aesthetic Surgery

Rosenfield Chapter Comprehensive Abdominoplasty In Art of Aesthetic Surgery Nahai 2011(1)

4.  Abdominoplasty Chapter on technical innovations in the Clinics of Plastic Surgery

Rosenfield Chapter High Tension Abdominoplasty in Clinics in Plastic Surgery July(1)

5.  Chapter describing the innovative technique of Pinch Blepharoplasty in the definitive text the Art of Aesthetic Surgery

Rosenfield Chapter Pinch Blepharoplasty In The Art of Aesthetic Surgery 2011(2)

6.  Dr. Rosenfield’s Peri-operative Checklist in PDF form

Rosenfield Checklist PDF

7.  Dr. Rosenfield’s Peri-operative Checklist in Microsoft Word form

Rosenfield Checklist Word Doc

8.  A PRS Editorial about the need for greater transparency in our presentations and publications

Rosenfield Editorial Aesthetic Surgerys Tipping Point PRS Journal March 2009

9.  A PRS Editorial about achieving excellence in plastic surgery

Rosenfield Editorial Beyond the Checklist Achieving Practice Excellence PRS Journal Oct 2012

10.  An Aesthetic Surgery News editorial about the Surgical Checklist

Rosenfield Editorial Checklist Manifesto-Aesthetic Society News Winter 2012

11. An Editorial as a volunteer in the non-profit organization Operation Access, which facilitates charity reconstructive care

Rosenfield Editorial Operation Access Annual Report 2012

12. The original paper describing our development and experience with the Surgical Checklist (Plastic and Reconstructive Journal)

Rosenfield Paper Operating Room Safety Checklist PRS Journal Jan 2009

13. Preliminary paper outlining the innovative technique of the Lateral Pinch Facialplasty (Facelift) in the online QMP Journal

Rosenfield Paper The Lateral Pinch Facialplasty QMP March 2012

14. The original paper on the Pinch Blepharoplasty (Plastic and Reconstructive Journal)

Rosenfield Paper The Pinch Blepharoplasty Aesthetic Surgery Journal April 2007

15. An updated paper on the Pinch Blepharoplasty (Aesthetic Surgery Journal)

Rosenfield Paper The Pinch Blepharoplasty PRS Journal April 2005

16. The paper describing an innovative technique to prevent operative fires when delivering oxygen (Plastic and Reconstructive Journal)

Rosenfield Paper The Safe Delivery of Oxygen During Facial Surgery PRS Journal May 2007

17. The Pinch Rhytidectomy: A Safe, Effective, ”Low SMAS” Variation on the Theme

Rosenfield Facelift Paper Aesthetic Surgery Journal-8-2014

18. Looking at Plastic Surgery through Google Glass (PRS Journal)

Google Glass Part 1 – March 2015 PRS (1)

19. Commentary on: Preoperative Respiratory Physiotherapy in Abdominoplasty Patients (ASJ Journal)

Rosenfield Commentary Preop Respiratory Therapy ASJ March 2018

20. High – Tension Abdominoplasty Chapter

High Tension Abdominoplasty

21. Commentary on: Post-Bariatric Abdominoplasty